About This Plugin

This WordPress WhatsApp plugin is a simple tool to show your team’s accounts in one box. It displays a list of WhatsApp accounts on your site which when clicked, will take the user to that particular account on web.whatsapp.com if the user is using a desktop, or open the WhatsApp application if she is on a mobile device.


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To put a WhatsApp contact button on a page, type the following shortcode in your editor:

[whatsapp_button id="139"]

and that’s it! All the information about a button like time and day availability, text label, style, etc are set when you create a contact.

For consistency, the button’s background is set once in the settings, which will be used as a default style for every buttons like the following:

But you can also replace the default style by setting a unique theme to a button like the following:

Doesn’t have any avatar yet? No problem! The WhatsApp logo will be used instead:

Don’t want to reveal your name? Just leave it blank:

By default, a button will disappear from a page when it’s out of its time slot. But you can also keep it on the page even if it’s not active by adding an offline message. The following button active only for a minute from 09:00 to 09:01 GMT+7 everyday: